One of our main areas of activity is the repair of tractor engines. We use diagnostic equipment to detect faults in tractor engines. We perform both partial and full, overhaul of the engine. Upon receipt of the order for the repair of the tractor engine, we bring it to our workshop We have all the professional equipment needed for repairs. During the repair, we take care of the necessary spare parts for the engines. We perform engine repair work quickly and with high quality.

Wide range of spare parts

Trade in heavy machinery engines and parts is another one of our main areas of activity. We sell engine parts from Perkins, John Deere, Yanmar, Kubota, Deutz and other manufacturers. We can offer new, alternative, refurbished and used tractor engine parts as required. By combining the sale of engine parts and engine repair activities, we can offer customers comprehensive services. With a wide range of spare parts available, we can perform tractor engine repair services smoothly and extremely quickly.

Tractor engine repair, what kind of repair work we perform

  • We perform fuel system repairs. We repair high and low pressure fuel pumps, replace and repair injectors, pressure regulators and more.
  • Cooling system repair. We repair and replace water pumps, fans, belts, radiators, thermostats and other cooling system components.
  • Air system repair. We repair turbochargers, replace air intake hoses, air flow meters and more.
  • ECU Electronic system repair. We repair and replace generators, sensors, starters.
  • Cylinders and their components. Repair engine blocks, heads, crankshafts, connecting rods, flywheels.
  • Exhaust system repair. We repair and replace collectors, DPF filters, catalysts.

Why it is worth entrusting us with tractor engine repairs

  • We provide mobile service, arrive at the customer’s desired location.
  • We are professionals in this field We provide comprehensive services. We perform not only engine repair work, but also, in cooperation with well known heavy-duty engine manufacturers, supply heavy-duty engines and their parts.
  • We repair tractor engines with the latest equipment.
  • We diagnose tractor engine failures with professional equipment.
  • Engine repairs are performed smoothly and quickly by an experienced team.
  • A warranty is provided for the repair work performed.

We provide consultations on engine repair issues. You can contact us at the contacts listed on the website.