1. Engines repair

    We perform high-quality and operative diagnostics and repair of heavy equipment engine failures.

  2. Supply of parts

    We offer a wide range: original, alternative and used engine parts. We cooperate with various manufacturers of heavy equipment, therefore, if necessary, we can arrange prompt ordering and delivery of parts to the customer.

  • Patirtis

    20 years of experience

    We started our activity in the heavy machinery engine sector in 1999. Quality and efficiency are the basis of our activities.

  • Garantija


    For new and refurbished engines, the warranty applies individually according to the supplier of the product.

  • Pristatymas

    Delivery of goods

    We deliver the engine or engine part in our warehouse from 2 to 10 days after payment. In other cases, the delivery time is adjusted individually.

  • Pristatymas


    We offer door-to-door delivery and service.

  • Mokėjimas


    You can pay for the goods by bank transfer or using the PayPal system. When picking up the product from our office, payment on site is possible.

  • Konsultacijos


    Each case is individual. We communicate with clients personally, consult and help to find the best solution in the current situation.