Regular maintenance of the Perkins engine is the best way to guarantee that the engine will last as long as possible. Inadequate maintenance of the engine can reduce not only its lifespan but also the performance of its work. Also, it can lead to more serious failures of other engine parts, which can lead to unwanted additional costs and downtime.

If you have determined that your Perkins engine requires scheduled repairs or an unplanned failure has already occurred, we may perform repairs. We perform both partial and full engine repair services. Perkins engine failures diagnosed by professional equipment. We provide mobile repair services, we arrive where the customer needs. We bring the latest equipment for repairs. We take care of spare parts needed for engine repairs. An experienced team performs repair work smoothly and quickly.

Perkins engine repairs, what repair work we perform

  • We repair the Perkins engine air system. We repair turbines, replace other parts of this system.
  • Fuel system repair. We repair Perkins engine fuel pumps, replace the injector, pressure regulator and other parts.
  • We are repairing the Perkins cooling system. We repair water pumps, replace the components that make up this system: fan, belts, radiators, thermostats, other.
  • Repair of cylinders and their components. We repair and replace engine blocks, heads, crankshafts, connecting rods, flywheels.
  • ECU Electronic system repair. We repair and replace Perkins engine generators, starters, fuel gauges and other parts.
  • Exhaust system. We repair and replace Manifolds, DPF filters and catalysts.

Why it is worth entrusting us with Perkins engine repairs

  • We provide mobile Perkins engine repair services. Upon receipt of the order, we arrive at the customer’s desired location.
  • We work with manufacturers and suppliers of Perkins engines and parts for these engines We supply both Perkins engines and parts for these engines. We have a large range of Perkins engine maintenance parts in stock. In case we do not have the required details, we can order it from our partners.
  • As we are engaged not only in the repair of Perkins engines, but also in the supply of their parts, we can offer comprehensive engine repair and engine repair parts supply services. This allows us to repair your Perkins engine smoothly and quickly.
  • Repairs are performed by an experienced team.
  • We diagnose Perkins engine failures with professional equipment.
  • We repair Perkins engines with the latest equipment and tools.
  • We provide a guarantee for the repair services performed.

For more detailed information on Perkins engine repair services, you can contact us at the contacts listed on this website.

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